Exo scenarios when he ignores you

3. I jump up and grab the phone only to be pulled into a kiss. Type: Drabble- angst asf. They put you watery eyes and went out walking upset. He wanted you to know how angry he was for ignoring him. Your stomach drops fifty feet. You grab some of his hair and kiss You are very well aware of his sudden change in attitude. “He’s flirting with you. shipping - send us information, if you want to be shipped with exo k, m or both. While you were washing the used utensils, you felt Kyungsoo’s arms wrapped around you, giving you a back hug. are you thinking about your mom?” He ignores you and continues to draw. - 8 p. Your parents are becoming worried – you are becoming annoyed. ” He replied as he mixed the tomato sauce in the saucepan. Really, I’m so sorry. Actually, he was there with the exo guys, so a little smile came out of your heart. I like you 1000 times more than her. M/Lim Changkyun Mafia AU It’s Only Natural That I Keep Her (Feat. He places his palm flat on your stomach, reaching into your thin cotton pajama top. He was the living image of his father: silky hair that framed the milky white skin of his elongated face, small pink lips, and almond-shaped eyes. •masterlist• bts masterlist got7 masterlist exo masterlist monsta x masterlist astro masterlist nct masterlist seventeen masterlist follower submission masterlist floater masterlist 7. EXO finally had the chance to go home early that day because they have improved so much. Okayokayokay. He has left the room, twice a day, for bathroom breaks and gathering food to keep him sated. He rested his chin on you shoulders and lightly pecked your cheeks. Taehyung (V): V called you to invite you, to eat with him and the guys in a famous Korean BBQ spot. O. Scenario Type: Angst / Fluff / A little sexy :D Summary: Your boyfriend Summary: Your boyfriend Kyungsoo had been ignoring you and you test You knew he was busy, you knew he had rehearsals 24/7, but was it so  25 Aug 2013 hi! can i ask for a scenario where kai has been ignoring you for a few weeks and you found out that he's been with krystal but he keeps it away  2 Apr 2017 He hates when you ignore him. JTBC Entertainment 5,930,044 views He’d probably pull you into a side hug and tell you how cute he thought you were. ” Jeonghan clutches his guitar and pulls it tightly to his chest. Before you send request, look if we didn't do it already. You don’t have a clue if the smile means yes or no. Your eyes slide to Junmyeon then. Wonwoo: Originally posted by 070590 He’s sweet, caring, and could put up with your mood swings. Block B: P. ” He feeds Chanyeol once more and the beta has to keep reminding himself this isn’t a date. A/N: Hey, my baby stars! So, usually I would have posted a EXO reaction, but the BTS feels are strong lately, so I posted another reaction of them and added EXO in! uniq scenario uniq scenarios kpop scenario kpop scenarios kpop reaction kpop gif reaction kpop gif scenario gif reaction uniq Monday, Jun 8th 187 notes 1433804381 Exo: You Start To Play With His Dick While Watching A Movie In Public He’s sweet, caring, and could put up with your mood swings. ” He told you. You got there and had to order his ice cream cause he had to run to the bathroom. Namjoon speaking english: You can actually understand what’s coming out of his mouth without subs so you die from excitement. NCT Suho: First I want to say thank you all for coming out to the meeting tonight. Fine. He’s happy for you two. ” “Maybe, he’s a devil with an angelic face. Yoo Kihyun CEO AU Are You Really Going To Leave Without Asking Me The Question You’ve Been Dying To Ask Me? (Writing Prompt) Let’s Just Tell Them Chanyeol: Once he saw you hanging onto his duck stuffed toy, he would be surprised and sad that you weren’t hanging onto him. If you wanna talk to me - I’m always here for you! Happy Holidays to you all! 사랑합니다 ♡~ ~ Your Prince. (Requests are always open)^^ lay yixing exo artificial love exordium in Can you do one of EXO’s or BTS’ reaction to the guys teasing him because they heard you and him doing it? - Requested By Anonymous JIN: “Why are you guys so embarrassing?” SUGA: “Keep laughing guys, it’s probably the most action you will see. ” You’re pretty sure he’s the patient here but you let him talk about you anyway. Originally posted by t-yong. d) Walk right up and say hello. He felt his jealously rising the louder your laughs got until he finally couldn’t take it. * D. 8. (wolf!au) 120 minutes…thats exactly how long this ceremony is going to last for you. ” He smiles brightly at you before pushing a loose fringe out of your face. * Tao: *Mimics you. You contemplate calling him, but you decide to wait a few more minutes. “I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the phone. He’s jacked and he could probably bench three of me, which is my life dream. Schambaugh, of the University of Oklahoma School of Chemical Engineering, Final Exam question for May of 1997. I don't do ships. Thks!!! Btw, love ur scenarios^^ You took a deep breath and squeezed He’d be a bit shy if you were in front of other people but not be embarrassed enough where he would want you to move. It’s odd. BTS & EXO) Chae Hyungwon At Least Tell Me Why. * Kai: *Sighs as you start He sets you light on the bed, upright, and joins you, shoes and socks off, jacket on the floor and fingers reaching for the back of your dress. Lately he seems to act coldly to you and you two fight. Chanyeol didn't spend any more time with Dara than he did you and it was silly to think he EXO was going to have a comeback next year and they were already learning  26 Oct 2015 D. He did whatever he could to get me back out of the hole as fast as possible. He would make it his mission to get to know you, and maybe even compose a few songs with you. Ignores you when you see him in the grocery store later the same day. (Requests are always open)^^ lay yixing exo artificial love exordium in The Baem had been watching EXO for years. ” “He’s like a character from a book, so perfect. you can leave it on to play in the background or plug in He should have known that with you being friends with all of his friends, you would be there too. A/N: Hiya. 17 When You Can't Sleep and ; 18 When He Wants to Get You ; 19 When He Wants to Get You ; 20 When He Leaves for an Ove; 21 When He Gets Jealous Over; 22 When He Defends His Ex Ov; 23 When You Two Prepared for; 24 When You Two Prepared for; 25 When He Scolded You Witho; 26 When He Scolded You Witho; 27 When He's Sick; 28 When You're in Labor But you stopped leaving messages after that night. Chanyeol: *Tries to keep a serious face while you’re yelling but he can’t help cracking a smile. It works by measuring the amount and intensity of light reflecting off of objects in the scene. You didn't know how to help him. “You have great…balance,” he stumbles out, not completely impressed with his own response. ” “His smile is wonderful like the heaven. If it weren’t for my daughter I wouldn’t stop playing. You turned over to Kris and see that he’s already drawing. He’d totally get it. “No. m. ” “He forgot all of the happiest memories we are keeping for years. Thank you for your inquiry. =___= Henry: He squeals and holds your baby high up. Jinyoung: Jinyoung has said before that he really likes his ears, and I think he would also be proud of his firm chest. You can listen to it here if you’d like :). “ WANG JACKSON!” You scream chasing him down, running into your boyfriend Yugyeom on the way. e) Pretend he's not there. JHope: *he tries his aegyo on you when ever you actually look He opens it, I feel him chuckle. Baekhyun beems. 4 Jul 2015 Sorry once again that this scenario did not come out last night. After the 4th ring, he slams the phone down, rushing towards the closet grabbing a long coat and to the door downstairs. Archive; RSS; 539 notes. There’s no way the Baem would’ve found you first if EXO had been looking… “Now if you could hold that pose for one more second. “I thought you might be hungry. Mark When he takes care of you during pregnancy (Fluff) Mark When you think he is cheating on you (Fluff) Mark Missing Him (Fluff) JB When you both go to the haunted house (Fluff) JB When he raises his voice at you (Fluff) JB Sweater Weather (Fluff No matter the blunder, you can learn from these three mistakes; they’re not the end of the world. The Princess Chapter 7 {Exo Mafia AU} Your brother was the leader of one of the biggest and most powerful mafias in South Korea. Wednesday Apr 23 @ 11:10pm You roll around in bed a few more times before you saw him walk in, wearing simply a towel around his waist. Junmyeon pulls into the driveway, quickly pressing the keys to lock the car before stuffing the plastic and metal into his pocket. “Nothing,” and still, he isn’t too keen on letting you in on whatever is going on in his mind. When he managed to wake her again, he immediately brought her water to drink and sat with her until he could help her stand. He opens the side garage door to reveal an empty, quiet house. You held onto your notebook closely to you and looked at Kai smiling shyly. Although he’s incredibly innocent, he could match your hyperness and inability to sit still. What You Can Realistically Do When Your New Job Catfishes You. Maybe we can see a movie this weekend. Anon said: Could you please do EXO reaction to when their girlfriend (you) finds out the members bias, and when you try to act more like her, it makes them upset? Thank you! <3 _____ Suho: Stop. You knew he wanted to study music but decided otherwise, thinking it was the smarter path. You always got ready for work with anxious glances at his limp form on the bed. He immediately meets you and draws you in for a hug. Apr 27, 2015 · Could you daddy jongin kai exo scenario where he love his little daughter so much and spend so much time with them until his wife almost got jealous? Thks!! "Jongin-ah! I made breakfast, can you bring exo scenarios exo exo imagines xiumin suho lay He zoomed in every time he called your name while you continued to ignore the love struck boy. He’s understanding and can easily make people smile. You scream and all the staff smile. He smirks as you hurry to get him undressed, seeing that you wanted him now. Once Jongin and his new bride enter the reception hall and you have mingled with all the necessary folks (the bride and groom, the Elders, Jongin’s pack leader Minseok, Jongin’s pack beta Yixing and your own pack leader) you You know he has hardly slept, you hear him through the wall, yelling at people only he can hear like some crazy mad man. I was kind of busy. Jul 21, 2016 · Luhan: *when you arrived at the dorm in high spirits you could see he’d had little to no sleep, and his eyes were blotchy and red. Wonwoo: Originally posted by 070590 Taehyung pressed his lips against your, smoothly shutting you up. But, the problem would be your bra. “Stop crying,” he’d say. The way he ignores you, it really concern you. It's your choice. He’s a fucking idiot, thinking that there was an outcome of this that would actually let you live. * Chen: He thinks its funny when you lose your temper. Jan 16, 2016 · When he noticed how you didn’t even fake a smile whenever you were complimented or even bother to be quiet when you cried, he immediately took action and made up a plan that could successfully make you see the beauty in yourself, leaving sticky notes all around the house complimenting every aspect of you he could think of and even making a EXO REACT: To someone hitting on you in front of them. Our chat service hours are Monday - Friday from 8 a. And you will have to step closer to where he is, because you know that a show-off Nini is a very jealous Nini. . Saturday from 8 a. Sehun would be the same as Jongin, but will dance sensually with another woman as soon as he spots you dancing around with a guy friend of yours, and he will be a little shit about it. I can feel your pain. Happy ending please~~ THANK YOU word count- 1265. Not being able to take it anymore u tell him over the phone that u are breaking up w/ him. He helps you take off your clothes and picks up, giving you short aggressive kisses. It really means alot to me. 3. Stay current with the latest weather news and other weather-related stories from around the globe. When she starts showing interest in him he ditches you for her but after a while he starts missing you and realize that maybe he grew actual feelings for you. ) I do reactions/ships/scenarios for BTS, GOT7, EXO, and SHINee! when their girlfriend ignores them. Nov 14, 2015 · Once he is done cleaning you up, he hands you your panties and one of his t-shirts. He looks back at Yixing, but leans down and whispers in my ear, “Look at that fool, how much he cares for you. ” Nov 01, 2017 · It’s almost midnight when you glance at him again, yelping when you find that he’s now looking straight at you. Setting you down on to the couch, __________ jogs upstairs to the guest room you had on the opposite side of your bedroom and hopes that he left an extra bottle of medicine in one of the drawers. Originally posted by essentyeol. You pull away from him to take his shirt off. Stop Ignoring me >> Sehun, You Our FOF hidden card “No 119 “ Stop ignoring me… ” & No. Storyline: You wake up being surprised that you have gotten your period. Requested by anon. He’s affectionate and loving so you’d never worry that he was getting annoyed or bored with you. DO: When he saw that you weren’t paying any attention to him, he’d look over and see you holding his stuffed owl plushie. Your presence was missing, but the light illuminating the bathroom was an indicator of your whereabouts. D. ” He would keep saying sorry and telling you why he did it, and that he really didn’t mean it Nov 30, 2017 · He sighed. So I put him in the pink” Originally posted by r-velvets Anonymous said: Can I have a really angsty Kai scenario where he's ur long time Bf but he falls out of love w/ you and starts to ignore you and goes to clubs w/ the boys and cheats on you right in Get more free themes & plugins. * Kai: *Sighs as you start Actually this whole thing was kinda stupid. Baekhyun catches your odd behavior and raises his brows questioningly at you, but you shake your head and stay silent. Apr 15, 2013 · “Yes, I’d like that…” you say and his face perks up. Baekhyun: Originally posted by exo-stentialism. If someone ignores you, I don't think you should continue to pursue them. “Actually… Apr 23, 2014 · Pls do an exo kai scenario where he was hurt while saving his girlfriend that was being attack by sassaeng^^ So so so sorry that this took so long. He used to be the happy-go-lucky type of guy, who loves you more than he loves himself but guess that was all the past. Feel free to send in as many requests as you want but I reserve the right to not fulfill a request, but if I do, I'll try t let you know. After he’d pulled away, you stared at him dreamily as he smiled down at you. But he'd only give you an hour at most to ignore him   7 Aug 2019 You laughed, rolling your eyes. He throws you onto the bed and climbs on top. You held him up when he needed someone, you were someone who never judge who he was said to be, because you knew they were all wrong. You had been doing that for that past 6 months. You wanted to put another. Will - I That’s all - hope you liked it! If you want to request EXO reaction/scenario you can send it in after reading the rules and checking Ask box staus. - 4:30 p. If they had been looking for you or not, and the Baem were the ones who found you, not EXO. He looked at her seriously, far more involved than he had been with their argument. Plot: Sehun shows up home really late at night only to leave but when you try to stop him, things take a really ugly turn with a secret and confessions that may shatter your glass-like relationship. You are relieved to see that there’s only surprise in his eyes, but nothing else. 25 Nov 2018 GIF Reactions, GIF Scenarios, Aesthetics, Outfit Imagines, Instagram Edits He couldn't understand why you were ignoring him but he was  1 Aug 2015 but yeah. When he returns from lunch and continues browsing the website, then Analytics sets a new 30-minute expiry, and a new session begins. He would be a little embarrassed but he would still want people to know you’re his and he’s yours *omg blushing again wtf* so he would leave an arm around you even when he saw the cameras PG15 Length: 4. He looks like a stone statue, completely unmoving. ” … He totally ignores you, he’s still focusing on the fight between him and all the stuff in front of him. As he was about to speak, you swung your hand and the slap echoed. He probably wouldn’t eat too much of it so he wasn’t so full…later on. * “Don’t you know how that makes me feel? It’s not okay that you’re OH and you guys live together but you don't move out even when you find out what happened :3 kaibility : of course you can, even though it’s a cheating-scenario. I kind of like this one… But it seems like everytime I say I like the scenario, no one else likes it. Originally posted by laygion exo reaction to their gf starting her period over at their place and staining the bed sheet. “I’m so sorry baby. You shout as you exit the room to help your future husband from the children attacking him. ’ ‘It was just a one glass ____’ He shook his head at you like he was ashamed of what you were saying. You were embarrassed knowing that you had stain your boyfriends bed sheets. ” Jungkook would say as he’d sit you on the bed. Exo scenarios: I lost it at Tao Chanyeol Baekhyun, Exo K, K Pop. “Fine, just ignore me then He sends you off with a smile that he hopes sufficiently hides his melancholy, and drives back home with frequent glances at his watch. We know that he's talking to other women AND he's ignoring you. His body weight would comfortably be shifted on top of you, just enough where you could tell who 21 Jul 2018 Over and over and over. “He’s probably inside practicing anyways. You cheated on me in our house. Chanyeol assuring me my safety and getting help when told not to was what made me feel safe. Confession Confusion | Oh SehunRating - Fluff Word Count - 1. Chanyeol: You turned off the WiFi. You’re making my heart hurt (ignore xiumin) Baekhyun: Here, I’ll tell you a secret. Instead of being angry, he You had to admire his strength; he was always stressed out and tired, but he still found time to appreciate you. Minseok: When he was telling Jongdae what a beautiful woman you were when you were sitting a table away from them at a café he did not expect you to come up to him later with your number saying “You aren’t so bad yourself, handsome. ” He pulls you close as you lift a drumstick to his lips. His sight made your heart crack as your throat became dry. Seventeen - Adore U; Elsie + K. The movie had just begun and you were excited you’d finally found two hours you were both free to watch it. They would know every move EXO had made. He lays beside you, patting his chest. op has compiled songs and art from Black artists to listen to. He simply put the wrong pair on both of them and didn’t want to admit he did it wrong- “our boy looks good in pink. Sep 10, 2017 · Bad EXO imagines/ reactions/ scenarios that you wouldn't want to happen to you. The only difference was the eye and hair color: toasted hazelnut, which he had inherited from you. Lay- Like Suho, Lay would really want to settle down after being an idol, so a non-celebrity would also be more of his cup of tea. Originally posted by sehunicorne. ” and you hoped that he didn’t shoot down this suggestion as he had earlier, not when he had just apologized to you. With that he drags you out of the building. Jongin still has his laptop open, hands resting on the keyboard, but he’s staring at you, eyebrows raised. Don’t forget it. He seemed to completely ignore the fact that you were practically shocked still, until he heard Sehun’s impressed wolf whistle. “I love you too, Hoseok. ” RAP MONSTER: “When will you guys grow up?” JIMIN: *Blushes Sehun~ *You guys get there* “How do you feel Sehunnie?” *GIF* Luhan~ “Im a manly man, I can’t do stuff like that. ” I didn’t feel any pain at first, because of the adrenaline and shock. To cope he ignores you for a few days and feels like he has to make up for “Baby, no, I’m so sorry. ” You furrowed your brows, the name sounded so familiar to your ears. u hang up not telling him why & ignore his calls & texts. You guys talked and made jokes all the way down to the place. Lately he carries around a camera telling you he plans to start a vlogging channel. Not too near, but not at a distance either. You squinted to watch your beautiful boyfriend drying his hair with another towel around his neck. The fight had started over something stupid and got way bigger than it had to. But here you go~! I think I got a bit crazy with When he first saw you, he was a little shocked to say the least. Chenyeol: *thinking* Why What if you’re at the dining table with BI, you’re working but he wants your attention. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw him, he looked as if he hadn’t sleep enough for days. He grabs the home phone and dials your number immediately. “Hey,” he says when he’s closer to Jeonghan. He’d been moody like that all day. I can’t be alone what if something happens?” he pushes you off of him. You start to get seriously impatient as the time reaches the half-hour mark. Oct 05, 2014 · That’s all he wants and you’re letting it happen. Chenyeol: *thinking* Why You're out with your friends and you see a guy you have a crush on. Jongin regretted the things he said, he shouldn’t be mad at you. The windows are down, and your fingers reach out idly to dance with the wind. Angling your hips, you grinded directly onto his still prominent hard-on. Now, we know that he hasn't blocked you, but you do not want to keep reaching out to this guy. So, he’s making you bring out the dirty tactics, eh? You roll the ottoman forward, getting impossibly close. Later, he took you to the pier and you were looking at the night sky together. Cuddling while watching a movie. So you decide to turn him “Baby, no, I’m so sorry. Theme: random idea- a really bad, late-nite fight with a surprising secret . Ten : He does aegyo too. Sehun lowers his hand I swipe my phone from him. But knowing that it was going to happen didn’t spare him from feeling numb as he watched you and him dance, you smiling as he twirled you around. If you are trying within the service When you confess your feelings to them. Designing in Qatar that works for you. Sep 14, 2015 · He was chuckling but you could hear the almost hardness behind his words, he was hurt and maybe even angry. He lies down on the mat behind you, mimicking your pose. So you do what you do best, polish your weapons and train until the nerves leave your form. ” and then, as he always did, he whispered, “I love you. You didn’t even had the decency to do it somewhere else. “I don’t want to hurt you, my angels. ” ” “Oh! Hey!” You said, awkwardly at Sehun, who just standing in front of you, looking When all of the members like you: (one shot) ”____-ah! Wanna go to the EXO dorm to watch a horror movie with us?!" Kai asked happily as he held onto your arms and stared at you with hope in his eyes making your heart melt. O When the members think you two are dating but you have a boyfriend (Friendship) Got7. “Long time no see. Surely, he would know if something happened to Yixing. (Source: kscenarioswithyou) kai exo-k exo dance dance battle youxkai one shot scenarios exo -k scenarios exo scenarios kpop kpop scenarios mama tango rain bad guy kim jongin exoplanet kkamjong gif exo k Apr 15, 2017 · Group: EXO- Sehun . ” You were helping your boyfriend of 4 months, into his new apartment where he’d be living alone. Kris, D. ” Baekhyun: “Wait, why are you texting him again?” You:“I want some closer I guess. sehun scenario exo scenarios kpop scenarios sehun exo sehun oh sehun exo scenario exo angst kpop scenario kpop  30 Jun 2015 yunoxyong said: Can you do a scenario where Chanyeol is so close to Dara to the point that sometimes, he ignores his girlfriend. I really didn’t mean it. “Joonmyeong? W-what are you doing Aug 02, 2014 · Leo didn’t turn to face you, he didn’t react at all. ” J-HOPE: *Ignores everyone while blushing* “I can’t hear you guys. So this song is loosely inspired by the song Iris by Mike Posner. He would be a little embarrassed but he would still want people to know you’re his and he’s yours *omg blushing again wtf* so he would leave an arm around you even when he saw the cameras Calling Exo Daddy in public This blog is love. this blog meant a lot to me and it's fun doing scenarios, reactions, and imagines for you guys :) i  28 Mar 2016 Due to the fact that he was part of EXO, no one helped you. “That is all I have ever felt when around you. Scenarios : Young K - muse ; when his love overloads (F) * the requested scenarios and imagines don’t always get done for the entire group, so if you want a specific member for one of them, just ask :) ♥ Requests are open ♥ #exo; # Aug 13, 2019 · He will probably do the same to those women as he did to you. You can also request scenarios as well. He longs for a day when he can prove to you that you are important. He had his arms around you, keeping you warm, even though you had a sweater on. You look at him and close you thighs together. With all his heart he loves you, and longs for a time when he can show you just how much you’re worth. ” He almost yells this. 3k Summary - In which you are determined to find out who Sehun likes even though you have feelings for him yourself. Mark: Reads directly from book. Suho: He stopped everything he was doing as you walked to the house just so he can look at you and your wonderful body. You sigh, “I’m just trying to help Woo. But every time you tried to put something somewhere you thought it would look good, he would jump immediately and grab his belongings from you. He again moaned and then looked at you in shock. Baekhyun leaned over to you, cleaning your jacket with a napkin. You weren’t intimidating until you started playing the guitar. Hello~, Can you do am Astro reaction where Their S/O ignores him on text, and They are at work so they can’t ask why face to face thanks MJ: * tries to work through his frustration mentally but people pick up on the happy virus being less happy during the photo shoot. While Woohyun was busy dealing with the man he had kicked on the back, the other masked man that was punched, was about to attack him from the back. “You’ve you gotta jump for it” He teases. “I Jan 16, 2018 · He is exploring how things go with these new women, and if it goes well with them, he'll cut you loose. You looked carefree and so, so happy. Turning to you Anonymous: Hi can you do a scenario where you're an idol and you're secretly dating chanyeol and no one knows, and then another idol hits on you and asks you out? “Did you hear that some rookie just asked out Eunmi” Jongin said walking into Exo’s dressing room. Sneaking into Exo M’s practice room was a no big deal for you anymore. Well, he didn’t know for sure but he thought so… maybe this was a good time to find out. He would initiate the make-out session by slowly leaning down and pressing his lip onto yours. Scenarios/One Shots/Drabbles: I. ” Can you do one of EXO’s or BTS’ reaction to the guys teasing him because they heard you and him doing it? - Requested By Anonymous JIN: “Why are you guys so embarrassing?” SUGA: “Keep laughing guys, it’s probably the most action you will see. Mar 31, 2017 · '엑소(EXO) 몸매 산증인' 백현(Baek Hyun)이 뽑은 몸짱 1위(!) 으리으리한 세훈(Se Hun)이 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 85회 - Duration: 2:50. December 12, 2016 EXO’s Reaction to you sleeping on the couch waiting for them Minseok: *Silent and considerate. This blog is life. He would probably back hug you when he sees you in his shirt and maybe sit on you on his lap for a while before allowing you to take your own seat to eat the meal you made together. When he saw you hiding your face behind your hands - He understood that this fight made you cry. ” “I loved him so much. ” You- “But you’re my Disney Princess” Chanyeol~ “Are we really going? Really?” “I-I If you were his girlfriend (or bf if he wants it to be) he would treat you like his princess cause you’re his baby ~ *me blushing while typing this*. ” You murmured darkly. O, Kai and Lay: these four wouldn’t waste a minute, they would grab you making sure you don’t leave them, telling you that they’re Scenarios Masterlist 🍁 - Admin J 🌹 - Admin Yugyeom EXOXiumin: Too Much 🌹 → Your secret relationship with Xiumin comes public. You glanced at the rest of the boys, realizing they all went quiet, waiting for you to say something, anything. You were worried and it was only natural for you to get mad when he doesn’t answer you calls. When the days are well spent and your body aching for rest, you make a brief stop at the stable, ensuring your winged horse is ready for the long journey. You’d hoped to make him breakfast, but next to you was a note that said he got a call early in the morning and had to leave. You could almost feel yourself shaking with anger. #exo #exo m #wuyifan #kris #exo scenario #kris scenario #scenario #exo kris #mobile sucks #help #me #anon #featuring #admin Anonymous said: Can u ship me with exo im a short girl long black hair green eys im not skinny i am like what u call all the curevs in the right places lol and i verry qouet with the ppl i dont know but when u get to know Nov 21, 2015 · Exo. “y/n. CHEN:*You felt very alone in the house, so you asked chen a You asked Kyungsoo as you peered around the cupboards in EXO’s dorm’s kitchen. “Told you. Anonymous asked: can you write a lay scenario when he is insecure about you loving him because you have many friends and you are very popular and stuff? :3 thank you~ :) kaibility : aaw, how can he be insecure about someone loving him? isn’t he loved by everyone, cutie-pie yixing :) i hope you will like it! He remembered why he liked you: you were always fun to be with. He’d try to ignore the two of you the best he could, continuing to talk to Jimin. Exo reaction to finding their gf singing “Ugly” by 2ne1 after having a fight about them (exo) being close work friends with a pretty girl. i hope we're all good. Sehun: -you would have to do a double check when you saw your son wearing bright pink clothing for your daughter instead of the brown ones you laid out for him. I will write scenarios that come I come up with on my own. I see Jinyoung as someone who really likes hands. You try to suppress a smile while pulling the shirt over your head. *Does he really think he’s that good?* “So. bts imagine bts reaction bts scenario bts imagines bts reactions. You sighed loudly. What could you do? You even tried giving some surprises, but nothing worked. Aug 14, 2016 · Exo reaction - He makes you cry during a fight. The way you downplay everything to keep him from worrying. With your new boyfriend. ” A week ago, he was starting to ignore you but you don’t even know why he acts that way. Apr 09, 2015 · But you understand that he practised at night in order to be able to spend this day with you. But then you’d had to clean it up all by yourself, because he’d been too mopey to help you. “I love you. Without knowing how to respond with words, you did the only thing you could to show him you were okay. Your blood boiled. You shout trying to pry your bra from you best friends hands trying to quiet him down since the boys are in the other room. “No more being jealous… I’ll go easy on your this time, but next time…” He smirks and you sigh. Why are you ignoring me?” Leo didn’t answer but he turned his chair as he was now facing you. xoxo (I took some Coldplay’s Up&Up references bc I love it #sorrynotsorry) Originally posted by D. He was not the same Byun Baekhyun you used to know, he was slightly different. K I M T A E H Y U N G : “Um, excuse me,” The girl comes back to you. You thought you were applying to this really amazing job, but when you get there it turns out you’re making cold calls all day long. You guys never found much time to be together anyways, and you really enjoyed singing even though you weren’t famous. O: *He gets annoyed at you yelling at him but lets you continue. The silence took over while he waited for you answer. I was angry but I would never… do that” he would whisper, hands shaking as he pulled you into a tight hug, his lips pressing a tender kiss to your hair. So that night, you would follow him to the club he said he was going. He ignores you the first few times but finally he turns around and walks to you with your daughter in his arms. Xiumin: And just what do you think you’re doing running around the house when you have fever? I leave you along for all of two minutes to get you some tea and you start running around…Get back to the couch and rest. I bite my lip and don’t answer him. ” Baekhyun:*Rolls eyes and starts judging you hard. I write smut so feel free to request that as well but I do not write Yaoi. the exo mafia the exo mafia blog exo masterlist exo mafia exo mafia au kpop scenarios Good to see you” He It seem that she don’t notice me or just ignores He laughs and you nod. ” He now stands by the front door with my phone above his head. Yixing was mesmerized, completely in love with everything you did. Yixing had told you this morning that EXO-M was going to a taping today and he had asked you to stop by at the studio during lunch time to meet him. Upon reaching the park, you saw his familiar back view sitting on the bench and your anger boiled inside you. His arm wraps around your stomach as he slides you up against him. Sehun ignoring you: You are drowning and he makes you wait 11 minutes. Apr 18, 2015 · Thank you for requesting~ I hope you enjoyed it :) Requests are always open so don’t be afraid to send in a request or whatever you’d like to see~ Tagged as: exo k exo m exo exo reaction exo request exo related sehun kai tao do kyungsoo chanyeol chen baekhyun lay suho kris luhan xiumin exo gif An angsty exo kai scenario where he found out his girlfriend is pregnant after she collapsed due to sassaeng harranshing her. Sorry. Guess I've never told you that ️ ️ ️ weiamilikethis answered: My Christmas was good, I got to spend time with family and catch up on sleep (college really takes a lot out of people and I didn’t realize this until now). He worries anyway, because he loves you. The ending you choose, thanks!^^ A/N: I hope you like it! I've Anonymous said: Could you do exo kai scenario where he was in a car accident during tour and his gf worry and ran to him in the hospital? Thk you^^ Answer: Hope it goes as you wanted~ “Jagiya~ Me and “I followed everything he wanted. “I know”, you said more to yourself but by the tightening in his chest you knew he heard it. When you walked in he looks at you and say. The message deduplication ID is the token used for deduplication of sent messages. 9. - K. “ He smiled at you. Baekhyun and you have been neighbors for a while, always bumping into each other at random times during the week. ” You- “But you’re my Disney Princess” Chanyeol~ “Are we really going? Really?” “I-I You know he has hardly slept, you hear him through the wall, yelling at people only he can hear like some crazy mad man. 1. 11 Feb 2017 This is my first scenario as an admin and I hope y'all like it! Heated fight between you and Suho after he gets too close to his ex. Im going through a breakup rn for 2 months and I reached to my ex but nothing happened, he didn’t read my texts nor answered and Im not sure if he’s ignoring me or not. “Please, anything but that!” A/N: Feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc, I keep up  17 Oct 2017 EXO Reaction When They Don't Find You Sleeping Next To Them A/N You've never woken up so thirsty, you try ignoring it - scrowling at the idea of fact that you might be in love with this scenario and the guy thats here. “Ew you two are so gross” Minseok calls from the Exo reaction to them cheating on you, and you finding out. Nov 21, 2013 · You smiled looking at your feet but he lifted your face up and kissed your forehead. Originally posted by ethereal-baek. i really don’t like those. You turn quickly, almost a little too quickly. “Look at me oppa. Please forgive me, it was just my temper going crazy. You pressed the up volume button to drown it out, even though it was right in your ear. “Harry, no I can’t. You had called to make sure that he was free at 12PM before you leave the house but obviously that plan fell through when he didn’t pick up. Despite being in the underground business, he has done his best to keep you safe and out of the underground business. “God Y/N, honestly can’t you do anything?” he muttered. Jongin allows you to feed him a little while longer, enjoying how you giggle at his content sighs. Maybe it was a bit much feeding Chanyeol but Baekhyun wanted Wendy to see it. ” Baekhyun laughs before standing in front of a dance room. ” I choke out. Jul 14, 2018 · He doesn’t mention Sehun, but I know he saw our exchange just earlier. I told you that. Of course, you wanted him to feel the same, but more than that, you had just wanted to tell him; to finally be open about how he made you feel when he held your hand, when he looked at you and when he said your name. Tao gives you a kiss but you did not returned the kiss. ” Wendy states, taking a sip of her beer. Sle BTS Reaction to Flirting With You Then Finding Out You're Dating a EXO a new girl transfers into school he starts ignoring you, treating you like you don't  29 Mar 2018 mark* Today you and Mark decided to go to the ice cream parlor. Likes when his students keep their questions to the point. 5k Summary: HIs bedsheets smell like you, your dress like him. ‘You just break all my stuff, and expect me to clean it all up. He was looking at you as you change from your gym clothes but started laughing as you caught him staring. “Y/N, just go! Leave me alone for two seconds and get over your dumb fear of crowds. When you ask him if there is anything wrong he sits back. Originally posted by He says to you. O singing “Sabor a mí”: This is a slow and painful death because pasarán más de mil I feel like he emanates that type of silent anger so I feel like he’d just watch on in complete silence as you got a little too cuddly with Jongdae. This being said, when he awoke from a nightmare about you being tortured, of all things, he was broken. So you don’t need to worry. He would just continue to be sad until you gave into his smile. "YAHH!!! Minah!!! Where Myungsoo!?" You screamed as you held Minah's hand in pain and clenched hair hands tightly and dug He won’t text you for a few days and you don’t text him, but at 2 AM a few nights later, he’ll show up at your door and after pausing for only a moment to take in the sight of you, he’ll sweep you into a crushing hug, one hand knotted in your hair and the other holding you against him so tightly, you feel his heartbeat through your clothes Aug 23, 2015 · *Ignores you while you yell at him for eating the last slice of pizza. Word count: 3380 Idol: Jeon Jungkook (BTS) Genre: Angsty but fluff A/N: This is for the beautiful anon who requested this, and for everyone out there having a bad day/week/month/year, I’m one of those, but don’t you give up! Better days will come! I hope you enjoy it, please take care. He could be an angel when he wanted. “Let’s just finish this interview, I’m okay,” he reiterated. He sounds like a casanova to me. You look at him blankly and you can feel the tears swell up your eyes. He slips his hand under the table, you ignore, he puts it on your thigh, you still ignore, he then slides his hand up. 4. Jaehyun: He looks at you and then immediately says : “Okay, you’ll get that plushie!” and then giggles because he can’t stand how adorable you look. “Both, please. walked out of the classroom, ignoring the teacher who kept calling your name. Lots of Jokes is your source for Really Funny He Said, She Said Jokes, Clean He Said, She Said Joke, Best He Said, She Said Jokes, Free He Said, She Said Jokes He Said, She Said Whenever a man has something to say, you can be sure a woman always has to have her say in the end You tried to bring your arms up to push him away by the shoulders, and thinking you were trying to take the lead, he interlaced your fingers and bring your arms above your head to keep them in place. “wait I think we actually have two oranges!” Jackson ignores your protest and runs into the kitchen with your bra. Everyday, you hoped he would wake up early and tell you that he was going to take you out. A few days of more one-word replies, short-clipped phone  The eXo Web Pack add-on is aimed at this purpose by providing you with It assumes that you are already familiar with the administration of portal sites and Ignores navigation links, banner, or redundant information, and directly go to the   EXO-M's killing me 🤣 who are you again 🤣 and Sehun "so, · KyungsooChanyeol Exo Chen. Aug 26, 2014 · Anonymous said: Can you do exo kai scenario where he and his gf broke up but still love each other, later she found out she was pregnant. Kris might seem like the type who's good in bed (( LOL )), I mean, maybe he is. “Ouuu, what are you drawing?” You take a peep at his paper and you see a stick figure of a girl and let out a little laugh. ” RAP MONSTER: “When will you guys grow up?” JIMIN: *Blushes EXO Emergency #WeNeedtoBond Ft. The service is really terrible here. Exo Scenario: Jealous with Sehun ~ Scenario where the other character is an idol and she kind of has a thing with Sehun, and they’re kind of dating (secretly), and Sehun already got her a promise bracelet, but she gets jealous of the Ceci photoshoot with Irene. Kyungsoo raises his “As for you…” He picks you up over his shoulder and carries you out. You get to the parking lot and Jonghyun sets you down in the passenger seat. ” Baekhyun ignores you, clearly choosing to bask in his sour mood all Saturday (as if you’ll let him). Then she half-threw your plate in front of you, causing bits of chicken to splatter onto your jacket. You look back at him and smile when you see him smile. So he takes a deep breath, tucks both of his hands in his pockets, and makes his way to Jeonghan. Kris: Anonymous asked: Hi :) Can I have a scenario with sehun where he asks you out and uses you to make the girl he likes jealous. Infinite's L imagine by @fifty_shades_of_imagines requested by @infinite_x_inspirit hope you like it!!! (^?^)Imagine: Imagine you're in labor but L isn't there yet. On you I think he would find your legs incredibly sexy, especially if you have thick/muscly thighs. You would still be studying, and he’d have finished, now working on music ‘just for fun’. ” All Scenarios Ships. ” He ignores you as his lips continue to wander, teasing the top of your spine, moving over to kiss your jaw, the shell of your ear. He shied away from her touch like it was diseased. He then he knew he hurt you bad. *Authors note: I hope you guys like this! Feel free to send in requests! :) Namjoon: OMG THIS BOY, so I pretty much we can all agree that Namjoon is dominate af but he is also a cute dork that needs love. He paid no attention to you, believing you were still asleep. Additionally, you must meet the second condition ("certificate-based connector configuration") in step 3 in the "Introduction" section if your organization requires that any of the following scenarios continue to work after July 5, 2017. ” I stop him, and he looks at me and ignores my words. Oct 06, 2012 · 4 Exo-M: When They Say ‘I L; 5 Exo-M: When You’re Both I; 6 Exo M's Lay (Part 1) 7 Exo M's Lay (Part 2) 8 Exo-K: When They Say ‘I L; 9 B2ST: When you tell him ‘ 10 Infinite Scenario: When Y; 11 MBLAQ Scenario: When You’ 12 SHINee Scenario: ‘Noona l; 13 SHINee's Onew; 14 SS501 Scenario: When He F; 15 TVXQ Scenario: Calming Yo; 16 His head perked up at first when he noticed you two together, and he thought that you two being best friends was a lie but he realized that this was much more than that. Kai. “____?” His voice was quiet and thoughtful, as if he didn’t know what to say next. “I put my phone number in your phone” Sehun says as he pulls away. That morning, you awoke to no Jongin, much to your own sorrow. Until you fall to the floor, why not look the couch. You turned and your smile got even wider when you spotted your two year old son running towards you. JB: *The two of you would be having a very heated argument over something that he got annoyed at for no reason, so as the argument got more heated and more aggressive he’d suddenly comment on something he knew you were very self-concious about, you froze as you heard his comment and you could feel tears starting to fill your eyes, he instantly realised what he did so he tried to apologize His large hands try to find you and when he sees you’re not next to him; he jumps up from the bed. Baekhyun: When he turns around to seeing you cry because he yelled he would hurry over to you and hold your hand. He lays back on the bed in his basketball shorts and grabs the back of your shirt to pull you down. All posts (unless reblogged and/or tagged otherwise) are made by one of us: two dumb EXO-Ls who think they're the funniest people in the world. You then precede to send a text: “Let me know when you get here. Maybe after letting out some energy you will feel better…” He suggests and looks you in the eyes. (F+A) DAY6. . You hear the dial tones until it reaches his voicemail. O: *Glares at the both of you* (Satansoo once again ♥‿♥) Kai: *Completely ignores you even if you try to get his attention becasue he’s jelly af* I could’ve fcked you so hard if it weren’t for the flashing cameras. “Okay. Note: Before I make anyone upset, I will not be including Kris, Luhan and Tao in any EXO reactions because they’re not a part of EXO anymore and I’m going to respect their decision. Sunday, Jun 7th 1,170 notes 1433698477. 'I want you,’ he whispers sultrily into your ear, the fingers on his left hand tucking hair behind your ear whilst he dextrously unzips your dress with one hand. He would rush over and bend to your level, asking if your hurt and checking for injuries. ” You tried to seem distracted so he would get the hint and let you go before you fell in too deep to the folds of his soothing voice and charming lines. You squeeze your eyes shut when he turns to look over at you. “I walked into Eunji earlier today. Hearing footsteps approaching, Kris stood up and turned to see you looking at him with your face void of emotion. Exo reaction to you being sick yet you act like a 5 years old running around the room with a blanket increasing ur temp. It was working until Yixing poked your arm. BTS Reaction to Flirting With You Then Finding Out You’re Dating a EXO Member. Bob was half way through a product purchase when he left your site and went for lunch. Oh Sehun. songs to listen to while you ignore exo and bigbang: xiaomitao. I’m worried about you, Jongin. You looked over at him, noticing how he was giving you a worried look. He doesn’t need an answer to confirm his speculations, “I’ll talk to him. And all of yesterday. Every time you asked if he wanted food, he'd ignore you and continue  He'd give you your space, there was no reason for him to make you any more mad than you already were. His eyes burst wide open as his arms felt around the bed for you. But it never happened. Have you ever wondered what it would be like dating an Exo-M member? I mean, what kind of awkward moments would you two have? Well, lets find out! Kris: The awkward moment you two would be caught in would be when you two are making out. Three member max when asking questions. You roll your eyes at him, trying to shake off his hands but they’re firm around you, pressing you flush against him and you can’t breathe. We formally introduce fics, recommend fics per request, help the readers find particular fics, support KaiSoo writers, answer questions related to fanfiction & much more ♡ Jan 20, 2016 · “You can’t keep your eyes open for longer than a minute and you look like you’re going to faint!” Jimin sits up straight and widens his eyes, as if it would prove something. Tells you that you’re his favorite student. After 20 minutes or so, the guys came and you hopped on the van. _____ took you in to the house carrying you bridal style taking off your shoes as he hoisted you up when he was slipping his sneakers off. Sehun shared his thoughts on me. He smiles at you, crawling over the bed to where you are with the chicken. You gladly accepted it. ” “But pain is with me. Sehun~ *You guys get there* “How do you feel Sehunnie?” *GIF* Luhan~ “Im a manly man, I can’t do stuff like that. Blog Tools. You liked learning Mandarin with Kris so you could learn to sing Chinese songs, you liked learning to rap with Chanyeol and Sehun, and you liked singing along with Lay when he played his guitar. You then decide to call him and see where he is. And remember there is no substitute for pure unadulterated bull Dr. Aug 23, 2015 · *Ignores you while you yell at him for eating the last slice of pizza. The others knew that he was somewhat good, but you would often spend late nights with him. “Pervert~!” He ignores you and drives home Jul 25, 2018 · On both sides of you people come forward, all breathing as if in sync with him. He is pretty much folding himself over the table as he studies you, his smile falling into a smirk. Zitao curls up on himself in his chair as he scrolls through the messages on his phone. He purses his lips and stares at Sehun as if he had grown horns. Our team of graphic designers and web designers in Qatar remains adept at latest trends and technology to give YOU an edge over your competition. You are a warrior, strong, independent, ready to defend the chosen cause. Originally posted by brianskangs. "Sure why not!" You smiled and walked with Kai towards the EXO dorms and once you You didn’t know what to expect from him. You swallow, and deliberately slow your lungs. I love you so much” You giggle when he presses playful kisses all over your face “I love you too” He pulls away, hugging your waists snuggly “how about we have a little movie night, then get some take out. You always smiled and had such a positive outlook on life; he was stunned since the day he met you but his hopes were soon gone when he thought that you liked Baekhyun. the more time that passes without a reply, the more he gets worried that You slowly turn to the side to look at the other two men. He will go to sleep no matter what, just so the thoughts in his head could shut up for a moment. Please do not copy our reactions. Exo reaction to their gf speaking german. but your wish is my command and i really hope this is an happy ending to your liking :) Did you know you can save your preferences across all your digital devices and platforms simply by creating a profile? Would you like to get started? Yes, I'd like to register/log in. Which are you most likely to do? a) Curl up into a ball and start whimpering. Mar 30, 2017 · EXO (OT12) - Reaction to You Being A Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language. 145 “ Go back to bed. ; When he propose ~ (EXO-K) For the lovely Anon ^3^ (A/N: I don’t know with you want something like this, but I’m having a mental block~ sorry ;___; / I’ll try to post EXO-M Sunday!) ~ Suho: “Oh my… who may be at this hour?” You wake up early in the morning because someone was knocking on door, you go downstairs still sleepy and open the door. Nct ( dream) imagines/reactions /scenarios? Heheh, you're to short to kiss, you ignore him after an argu, Seventeen, Aftermath of him choosing hi, My crew  17 Jun 2014 You didn't want to believe it, but it was hard to ignore when all the signs were there. “You should just sit down on the couch and rest a bit. “Have you ate today? How much water have you drank?” he asked her sternly. EST. He’d make some form of adorable grabby hands before carefully picking you up and carrying you to bed. if donating is not a possibility right now, ive found this 1 hour video you can watch on youtube where all proceeds from the ad revenue will go to an organization to help the cause (more info in the video’s description). “I know your kind. “Your girlfriend has your gym bag and dinner for you!” He gives you a quick grin before patting your head and turning the other way. xDDD Anyways~ I wrote a Suho one even though it’s not on the list because I was browsing the tag and like no one writes Suho scenarios… Aug 16, 2018 · Whether you’re shooting in automatic mode, a semi-automatic mode, or full manual, your camera always calculates the “correct” exposure settings, either to use or merely display when it thinks you’re under- or overexposed. “Don’t want to talk about it to be honest…can we just talk about something different?” “We do not have to talk at all, we can just dance a bit. “Then come here,” “You come here,” he rolls his eyes with a smile, coming towards you anyway. You checked the adress, and went there with a little jacket disguise. The dates read weeks ago, a lifetime before, but he ignores them and allows himself to indulge in them anyway. “Baby, you’re so good. Please respect admins. — “Hey, look at me. He goes into your shared bedroom and sees your laptop open and he sees his recent variety show on your laptop and he immediately knows why your acting like that. You guys arrived and immediately got seated. “Not while they’re here, Junmyeon. There was a time where that was you, you were them and you were infatuated with him as much as you thought he was with you. Initially it was a little tough since the managers were always hanging around but after a while you found ways and excuses to just casually walk in. “Yah, how can you be so cute? Were you always like this?” Junmyeon: This poor baby would be so worried he wouldn’t even care that you tripped over yourself. I'm just a girl staning this beautiful man here and sometimes writing some scenarios. * Chanyeol: *Walks past you and notices that you’re texting him again. He knew about the other person he was with every Thursday night, when you thought he was at rehearsal. “I promise she's  A scenario when he lashes out at you after a rough day at work? It wasn't like Chanyeol to ignore your texts after practice, and maybe you were just being a  7 Feb 2017 It was unhealthy for him, and you knew it. He watches are you two laugh and hold hands, and he smiles at the sight. He actually had hoped you had forgot your jacket, though it sounds really bad, because he wanted to give you his. I feel like he emanates that type of silent anger so I feel like he’d just watch on in complete silence as you got a little too cuddly with Jongdae. Oct 11, 2015 · He chuckles, “If you want it to be,” He just sits there, staring at you as you try to hold his gaze but it’s too much for you, so you look away, “I’m cold,” you mumble. Can I please get Exo reacting to you calling them daddy in public? (With gifs if that’s okay. I stayed up all You knew that this was something that you should just ignore. Wanted to let her know that this man belongs to him. So I wrote this because Jaebum deserves all of the love in the world and I just hope there’s someone near him who can give him all of that love and I hope he falls asleep every night with a smile on his face because he works so damn hard and he deserves it. Usually answers anything by just smiling. ” He kissed you tenderly yet determinately. 2. Looking over at you to check if you are okay, he ignores the shock on your face and quickly kicks one of the fallen men before he could get up. He would ignore your texts, or even your calls. ” “No, it is all right. Your best friend frantically dialed Sunggyu's phone and began rambling on. He told you, that he and the guys will pick you up. Suho- He would really like a humble and modest girl that he can settle down and live a more peaceful life with, so he’d prefer dating a non-celebrity over a celebrity girl friend. As you study for exams, remember its not the quantity it's the quantity. But at least he had a wall to lean on, you, Tao had you to lean one, you to keep him up, you to give him a good kick in the ass when he needed it, you to tell him to ignore what people said about him. If He couldn’t keep your eyes off of you. He takes his free arm and drapes it against your waist, pulling you right against his body. You look awfully tired. Welcome to KFR An award-winning fanfic recommendation site dedicated to EXO's KAI & D. You’d wipe your eyes and try to hold in your sobs. February 05th, 04:22PM · 5 years ago Anonymous Leans over your desk to hear your answers. He first tries to ignore you, but when he sees your face his heart melts. 5 years ago, 21/12/14 | 71 notes Mar 31, 2016 · When you heard his voice over the speaker, raspy and hoarse from crying, you broke down silently as he begged you to come from your friend’s house to work things out. If a message with a particular message deduplication ID is sent successfully, any messages sent with the same message deduplication ID are accepted successfully but aren't delivered during the 5-minute deduplication interval. “You need to take care of yourself and be more careful. It would take some time for him to unhook i Exo reaction to their gf being very drunk and lovely (touchy) Exo reaction to their gf having severe period cramps. Our creative solutions for designing in Qatar are as versatile and bespoke as your branding, graphic design or web design needs. Jongin! Kim Jongin!” Baekhyun calls loudly as he knocks on the door. He whines and starts kissing your neck, jaw and trails up while whining “babe I need In this scenario, the first session that was opened when Bob arrived on the site ends 30 minutes into his lunch break. f) Smile at him and make sure he makes eye contact with you. Even when I was in the hole, I knew deep down I was safe. He’d then kneel down in front of you and set his hands on your knees. Or maybe you do. If you were his girlfriend (or bf if he wants it to be) he would treat you like his princess cause you’re his baby ~ *me blushing while typing this*. “I love you jagi. I’m starving” he pouted Oct 10, 2013 · You’d try to pull away at first, but he wouldn’t let you, kissing you until the tears would stop falling. Originally posted by dibidibi-disrespectful Baekhyun: with people or not he would become flustered when you first sat down but would soon just pull you closer and rest his chin on your shoulder. Originally posted by sophia-khrip. Exo reaction to meeting their gfs first love/bf This is a scenario blog dedicated to all the members of EXO. You slowly turn to the side to look at the other two men. b) Figure out a way to talk to him, somehow! c) Tell your friends. You were the only one that truly knew his musical talent. You zoned out of the conversation, not wanting to hear what they were going to say about that night. Can I request an angst where jungkook is dating you secretly but he has to film wgm. To me, you’re beautiful so please don’t think otherwise, alright?” Smiling widely, you nodded seeing his eyes shining with joy. A new game starts, and he immediately shifts his weight forward to focus. Waiting by your cellphone for a call that you had come to learn would be replaced by a text that said the same thing was growing tiresome. You could almost hear his brilliant smile on his end of the conversation as he said, “I would really love that. He couldn’t ask for a more perfect girlfriend, you are his dream come true. ” He explained softly. There was so much anger pent up in you by the mornings but you never had the heart to take it out on him when he was sleeping. He told you probably because he just woke up and it was nothing, but he knew it was far more than that. By the time he gets there you are long gone. “Do not laugh idiot ~”* Originally posted by yourtypicalasianfangirl. But the very coldly he told you “no”. “Wow. Chanyeol reached around you to grab a handful of popcorn and you tried to ignore how loudly he chewed. “Sorry babe, but I’ve been studying like crazy. Sehun: First of all, did I tell you to check out on the other guys while I’m talking to you? No. Jul 10, 2017 · Scenarios: L - S/O doesn’t have hair because of an illness. Anonymous: EXO's Sehun, angst with fluff, U & Sehun have been dating for a 6 months & he is very distant when others are around, & u start thinking he is ashamed of u. He felt something weird but he didn’t bother asking. “Sounds like a good idea. Mar 31, 2016 · When you heard his voice over the speaker, raspy and hoarse from crying, you broke down silently as he begged you to come from your friend’s house to work things out. “I followed everything he wanted. exo scenarios when he ignores you

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